Pray for Me


What does it mean to be a Prayer Champion?




FAQ- Pray for Me Campaign

Why are you starting the Pray for Me campaign at MRPC?

Statistics show 40-50% of children from good youth groups and families will drift from God and the church after high school. Did you know that all of those who remain connected to the church have multiple adult believers who are intentionally investing in their lives? Our goal is to equip young people with the intergenerational relationships they need to stay connected in the church and rooted in their faith.

What is the pray for me campaign?
Kindergarten- 4th grade students will invite three adults from three different generations to be their Prayer Champions each year. Starting in February each child’s prayer team will use the prayer guide that is specifically designed to help pray effectively for the next generation.

What is the expectation of a prayer partner?

1)   Commit to praying for your student February -October 2017 using the pray for me prayer guide.

2)   Purchase a pray for me guide

3)   Attend the Pray4ME Kick off February 2nd 6:15-7:15pm at MRPC

4)   Expect God to show up and meet you in this season of prayer.


When does Pray4Me start?
February– October

How often do we meet with our prayer partners? We will provide a “kick off” dessert in February. If you decide to do more than that please communicate amongst yourselves.

As a parent do I have to communicate anything to the prayer partners throughout the year? Not unless you want to. If there are specific things the prayer partner could be praying you are welcome to inform them of that. There will be a time at our kick off for you to share with the prayer partner specifics like this if you would like to. 

If we have multiple children can we have three prayer partners for our family instead of individuals for each?  That is up to your family just make sure to note that on the form.

Do my kids have to be the one to ask the adult? We highly encourage parents to coach their kids to do the actual asking, but with Mom and Dad at their side. This builds the relational bridge between children and their Prayer Champions.

Who pays for the pray for me guide (parents or prayer partners)? We encourage the prayer partner to pay for their own book as an investment to their commitment.  If you prefer to purchase the books or know the prayer partner cannot afford it please contact Ashley Adams

Where can I purchase a prayer for me guide?  We have several options:

1)   We will have books available at the Kick off February 2nd 6:15pm-7:15pm $10.00

2)   Ask someone at the children’s ministry desk on Sunday mornings $10.00

3)   Online at $12.99 +tax

Do my children keep the same prayer partners every year? We encourage a new group each year. A student who is involved in the Pray for Me Campaign from kindergarten through college could have over 50 different Prayer Champions who have intentionally prayed for them over the course of their school years. That amounts to thousands of prayers on behalf of one student!